Remote Monitoring and Remote Data Acquisition requirements are becoming more important as budgets decrease and work loads increase. With these factors in play, it makes tasks like collecting data from remote devices a time consuming and logistically challenging affair. sa-pages.net, in conjunction with its partners, have developed a platform which allows you to collect data from these remote devices at specific times of the day that can be configured all via a centrally managed web interface. The devices can be any transducer or pulse based device that provides a digital or analogue based output. Devices can also be controlled, depending on the requirements and frequency.

Some features of the solution include:

  • Manage Multiple Sites
  • Manage Multiple Devices / Site
  • Configure the behavior of individual or groups of Devices
  • Plot historical data graphs
  • Comparisons of Data
  • Export Data into Excel/CSV

Example applications:

  • Remote Water Meter (Flow and Volume)
  • Remote Power Monitoring
  • Remote Water Level Monitoring
  • Remote Pressure Monitoring
  • Remote Force and Mass Monitoring