sa-pages.net has experience in a large number of development platforms, operating systems, languages and development tools. In order to deliver the best results to our customers, we have an excellent understanding of the latest technologies, and this allows us to deliver the right solution using the right tools and technologies.

Developing in most main stream languages we also have specialised skills in Linux, Windows and Solaris ( Unix ) Operating Systems. We provide solutions that integrate with PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), High Speed DataAcquisitiondevices as well as many otherproprietaryand off the shelf devices. This enables us to provide niche andflexiblesolutions for all commercial and industrial applications.

We have developed a number of products and customised solutions from Irrigation management systems, Dynamic Towbar Testing systems, Concrete Crushers, Box Testers, Factory Automation, Drying and Heating Tunnels, Point of Sale Systems (POS) as well as integrated into Loyalty Card Management Systems, Data Analysis and Warehousing.

We offer software integration services to the physical world using electronics and products developed by ourselves and our data acquisition partners. This incorporates SCADA systems, a/d conversions, data logging, closed loop monitoring.

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